I am just a regular guy with lots of thoughts and lots to say about everything around me. Conversation (in any form) is my lifeblood. I love getting to know people, cultures, food, histories, religions, rituals and practices. I’m always a little amazed at how people who are fundamentally different and hail from varied cultures and backgrounds still have so much in common. I believe that the world is one big country, and it takes all of us to preserve its beauty and thrive in its splendor.

I grew up in Bangalore and Kolkata, and have lived in Sikkim, Delhi and Singapore for a number of years. I currently live in Mumbai and work in the nonprofit sector. I am peeved by what I see around me, and in my own small way, am trying to set things right. I love writing (surprise!!), reading, music, sketching, swimming, movies, food, friends! I love learning new languages and playing the guitar (I don’t do much of either and should do more). All my passions converge in traveling. My travels bring forth the best in me, and I dream of traveling through the entire world without any timelines and with no strings to pull me back!

Thank you for reading this! I hope you like my blog, keep coming back to it, start conversations on it, share it with your friends and come up with new ideas and thoughts for yourself to share. Take care!


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