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There is nothing cute about Mumbai locals

A recent short video on Mumbai’s local trains has been doing the rounds, with people sharing and re-sharing the video to celebrate the “spirit” of Mumbai. The video shows people running, pushing, pulling, shoving, hitting to get on local trains. It goes on to portray several emotions of people traveling by train, and finally ends with a catchy alliteration of a tagline – Struggle. Survive. Succeed. The aesthetic train beats and spurts of Indian music render the video a sleek cinematic quality, and manages to make the viewer feel upbeat about local train travel. If you’re wondering what to make of it, this blurb on storypick.com helps you decode the message:

This short film … beautifully captures the spirit of Mumbai & provokes us to wonder, What can the city of Mumbai teach us? The answer is eloquently portrayed that without struggle there is no success. What an amazing thought to start each day with!”

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